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Greats Brand recently launched their women’s line of sneakers and to say I am excited is an understatement. When I am not running around NYC in block heels and platforms, I am always in sneakers. I’ve been looking for a perfect pair of blush pink sneakers and I have found them with Greats. If you follow me on InstaStories you see that I wear a lot of pink (and stripes but that’s besides the point right now). Anyways, that’s because pink matches almost everything… Jewel tones, pastels, stripes, gingham, denim, etc. Below I have shown three different ways you can style these amazing Royale Blush Pink Pink leather sneakers by Greats. Each look is inspired by different styles and decades!

  1. The 90s wearing all denim with some fishnets socks because let’s be honest… This screams young Drew Barrymore and modern day Riri. I love the fishnet sock with the sneakers trend! (Styled with the TNT Bandana Scarf on my wrist)
  2. The 70s wearing a matching striped suit with some yellow sunnies, inspired by Mick Jagger and American Hustle. As y’all know from Instagram, I LOVE stripes so there is no surprise that this is my favorite look of the three.
  3. The 50’s wearing a gingham skirt and cropped graphic tee. This was sort of my take on the 50’s Brigitte Bardot. I love gingham for the summer/pre-fall and it looks especially great with pink! (Styled with the Ivy Bandana Scarf on my handbag)

Leave some comments and let me know your thoughts below! I hope you enjoy these looks as much as I loved styling them 🙂 And be sure to check out Greats sneaker collection here!

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Thank you Greats for contributing to this post!

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Photographed by Sofia Dieck @mobydieck

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