How to Staycation in NYC!

Summer Isn’t Over Yet!

Just because summer is starting to wind down, it doesn’t mean we have to! As y’all know, I love to travel the world, but sometimes we just don’t have the time to leave. SO I have come up with the best and most affordable NYC staycation for y’all to end your summers.

  1. New York Harbor Jetski – An ABSOLUTE must! The best way to see the city hands down. It’s located across the river in Hoboken. Just a 5-minute ferry ride away from Manhattan!
  2. Rockaway Beach – It’s no Hamptons, but it’s quick, easy, fun, and affordable! I definitely suggest coming for the night and staying at the Playland Motel. Before booking, however, be sure you stay in a room with an ATTACHED bathroom.  Having a detached bathroom isn’t so bad but it’s better to have one that is attached.
    • A little more info about Playland is that it’s  in the perfect location- just one block away from the beach! Also, each room is designed and decorated by different artists which is super cool and edgy. It adds a little personality to your unique stay!
    • Definitely go eat at the Playland Grill, Bungalow restaurant, Tacoway (Rockaway Beach Surf Club), and Uma’s! By the way, bring alcohol with you. If you do forget, there is a wine shop across the street from the KeyFoods!
    • There isn’t much shopping but I did stumble across an edgy boutique called OFF SEASON. They have some really bad ass pieces that are really hard to find anywhere else.
  3. The Highline– I know that is obvious but it is really fun!  I recommend starting out with a boozy brunch over at Santina and then go for a stroll along the park.
  4. Rooftop Bars- Once again, obviously, BUT I do have to say my favorite is Mr. Purple! The staff/bartenders are SO amazing and nice. I recommend making a reservation in advance  but it’s also great to just go for the evening. The view is unbeatable!
  5. Central Park- Another big tourist spot but I did discover my favorite place to go eat and drink there- Tavern on the Green! I promise if I get married here in NYC this is where I want to host my reception. It is so beautiful and the food is fantastic.
    • Go to the park, soak up the sun… Hell! Take a carriage ride! And then end your evening at Tavern on the Green. You won’t forget it.
  6. Shopping- Well we all know I love to shop. There are amazing stores in every corner of Manhattan! But I went to Brookfield Place for the first time and I was floored. They have every luxury designer you can imagine here. I am more of a boutique/vintage shopper but you can’t miss out on seeing the sores at Brookfield.

New York City has my heart no matter where I travel to, and this is the reason why! Around every corner, there’s something new to try. Let me know if you get a chance to check any of these places out 🙂

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Photo Aug 12, 11 25 26 AM (1)

HOW ABOUT THAT VIEW THO?! All thanks to New York Harbor Jetski (located in Hoboken)

Photo Aug 18, 6 11 11 PM


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Heading out to go see the city on New York Harbor Jetskis… wearing a scarf on my head (of course)! Thank you NYH Jetski for having us!

Photo Aug 17, 11 30 41 AM

Jake soaking up all that is Rockaway

Photo Aug 17, 2 01 16 PM

Rockaway beach is just a 45 min subway ride from the city!

Photo Jul 03, 8 30 55 PM

Getting my tan on in my LSPACE swimsuit on Rockaway beach

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Words cannot describe how delicious the Playland Grill is! Everything on the menu is to die for but the Chicken and Waffles and Cilantro Margarita will forever have my heart.

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Head on over to the boardwalk that is down the street from the Playland Motel. It has a fun bar called Uma’s and some really great food spots!

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The back patio of the Playland Motel is so fun! They have live music and fun parties there at night and during the weekend! So many photo ops 🙂

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Tavern on the Green is UNREAL! If you go for brunch try their breakfast flatbread. If you go for a normal meal… Their burger is pretty unbelievable.

Photo Aug 10, 9 43 21 PM

Chillin at the Brookfield Place terminal after hours of roaming around the shops

Photo Jun 07, 6 51 14 PM

The pool at Mr. Purple is for hotel guests only but its still fun to hang out! The bartenders there are the best 🙂

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Motel room #1 at the Playland Hotel!

Photo Aug 12, 8 35 06 AM

Waiting for our turn at the Hoboken pier to take or jetski out! Wearing the Chiffon #MatadorScarf as a coverup!

Photo Aug 09, 4 10 21 PM

The view at Mr. Purple is my favorite

Thank you to all the amazing hotels and bars listed above for making my staycation one of the best yet!