I am listening. I am learning. I am acting. I have muted my original content temporarily to #amplifymelantedvoices. This does not mean I am being silent. I am here to bring positivity and support to the black community. It’s important that we all understand that this is not a trend but a movement for permanent change. Something that we will continue to support, learn about, and work on everyday from here on out. 

Everyone is handling it differently but it’s important that we all participate. Some are posting on social media. Some are protesting in the streets. Some are donating silently. Some are educating themselves. Some are having tough conversations with friends and family. You can participate in many ways during a revolution. Be kind to yourself and to others who are working for the same goal. Just keep going. Keep fighting for what is right. 

I saw a post on IG where a little girl has written on a sign, “We said, black lives matter. Never said, only black lives matter. We know, all lives matter. We just need your help with #blacklivesmatter for black lives are in danger.” and I think that is such an important message. No one is saying that your life doesn’t matter. We need to stand behind #blacklives because not all lives matter until #blacklivesmatter.

I also saw another post from Leslie Dwight– 

What if 2020 isn’t cancelled?

What if 2020 is the year we’ve been waiting for?

A Year So uncomfortable, so painful, so scary, so raw– that it finally forces us to grow.

A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber.

A year we finally accept the need for change.

Declare change. Work for change. Become the change. 

A year we finally band together, instead of pushing each other further apart. 

2020 isn’t cancelled, but rather the most important year of them all

Let’s take this year to be the change we all need.

I have learned so much through this experience and through friends. It doesn’t stop here. I will continue to work and educate myself. I want to continue my support and I will continue to add to this blog post as I discover more black-owned businesses, creators, and organizations. 

I only mean well by this post and I know there are so many more people and businesses that should be on this list. So please feel free to email or DM me on IG to keep adding. Or comment below!! But I hope this brings some new faces to your everyday life. Sending all my love and support to you.


Yes, there are a lot of people here but we wanted to find something for everyone. Your taste changes and evolves, so I wanted to find accounts for everyone from colorful and bold to minimalistic and neutral! 

  1. @itsmekellieB- Plus size creator with iconic fashion and home interior style! Check out her additional account @aigdhome
  2. @waityouneedthis- NYC blogger mixing high and low to get you the fashion girl look!
  3. @tylauren- NYC creator with a sleek and effortless look. She has amazing style and some of the best thrift finds!
  4. @colormecourtney/ @colormemagic- THE COLOR QUEEN based in NYC! Fun fact, she was one of my first friends in NYC 7 years ago. Full of body positive and colorful messaging! And don’t forget her fiancé @colormeparis!!! He is also one of the best guys I’ve ever gotten to know. I love how he isn’t afraid play with color. They both just bring me so much joy ?
  5. @curlsandcouture- NY/NJ creating content all about beauty, style, and travel! She is truly my hair goals and can pull off any look.
  6. @moorehisstyle- he blurs the lines between menswear and womenswear… I STAN!!! I love how he brings such an elevated sense of style to his feed.
  7. @kellyaugustineb- Another one of NYC fashion and marketing creators! Kelly’s iconic and colorful style inspires me to dress more innovatively and boldly. 
  8. @scoutthecity- She takes you on a digital journey of family, style, beauty, and wellness. She is raw, real, and so hilarious! I have loved getting to know her over the past few years in NYC. She is literally the definition of SLEEK! 
  9. @lefevrediary- We have never met but OH MY GOD. @Chloie introduced me to her account a few weeks ago and I literally check in on it everyday. Her style is absolutely impeccable. She’s minimalistic yet bold.  I actually am addicted to her page. 
  10. @cocoandbreezy- Can you name a more iconic duo? These girls do it all. They have an eyewear brand, style blog, and DJ! Along with so many other things. These girls make in anything and everything they touch into gold. I’ve gotten to hang with them in person and they are incredible women with the edgiest style. 
  11. @myfashionbreak- I love her minimal yet colorful photos. She is not afraid to play with colors and patterns and that brings me so much joy! Plus her hair is literally perfect. She makes everything look so effortless and chic. 
  12. @aysha.sow- the queen of neutral colors! She literally can just wear a black turtleneck and make me want to go buy 20 of them. Her style is classic, soft, sleek. 
  13. @micaelaverrelien- She is your landing page for positive vibes! She is so artistic in the way she styles her outfits and takes her photos. 
  14. @igeeokafor- THE GENTLEMAN OF IG! His style and creative vision are so inspiring. Timeless and classic. 
  15. @glamazondiaries- style curator for everybody! One of these nicest babes I have come across in NYC! She’s brooklyn based and has the most adventurous, whimsical and colorful style ever! 
  16. @mcarthurjoseph- Another friend with one of the most badass street style vibes out there. I literally want to dress and pose like him haha. He is literally the reason why I got addicted to bucket hats! Such a great friend with a colorful sense of style. 
  17. @karenbritchick- Karen is also a big fashion youtuber! She’s inspiring you to own your style. Her style is so chic, colorful, timeless, and elevated. And she is a girl after my own heart with all of her chunky black boots!
  18. @visialsbypierre- photographer/creator that I found years ago when I first moved to NYC. He has such an eye for photography around NYC. I have always been obsessed with his work.
  19. @amaka.hamelijnck- AN ABSOLUTE MOOD!!! Her feed is full of pastels and soft colors. It’s been featuring a lot of greens (which I love) but she is absolutely beautiful and has amazing everyday style. 
  20. @kelawalker- Media Host + Style Influencer and 7x Emmy Nominated Media Maven! She’s got everything from lifestyle to colorful outfit ideas. 
  21. @emmanuellek_- Queen of the mirror pose!! She gives me natural/Glossier vibes and I am 100% here for it. Her feed is full of relaxing and calming colors. Her style is effortless! 
  22. @nycxclothes– sisters/writers/ digital consultants with a knack for storytelling and building a community. Shelcy and Christy somehow manage to make NYC look like Europe?! They’re aesthetic is so timeless and whimsical. 
  23. @_kandaceis a stylist from NYC>Indy> LA. Her minimal backdrops make her outstanding style pop in every photo! Going through her feed makes me feel like I need to buy a trench coat in every color haha. 
  24. @simplycyn- living the colorful life in NYC and soon-to-be-mommy! If you ever need to brighten your day, pop over to her feed and it’s like a ray of sunshine.
  25. @therealkamie- Body positive model and TV personality! You can watch her on MTV Catfish and she always tells you how it is. I love that she is not afraid to speak her mind. It’s so empowering to listen to her! Plus she’s got phenomenal style!
  26. @darling_tee- such a kind spirit and friend of mine in NYC. I met Tania back in the day when she worked at a store named 3NY and she helped sell my @shoplexiconofstyle scarves! She’s always been a good friend, has the biggest smile on her face, and exceptional style.
  27. @tiffanymbattle- Living her best and textured life! Another favorite as she loves to play with the boundaries of beauty and style! I love running into her around NYC because she always has a new and fabulous look!
  28. @greivy.nyc- talk about one of the most outgoing and sweetest women I have met in NYC! Also a lover of accessories and positive vibes. I met Greivy a few years ago at an event and I have loved seeing her everywhere! She literally has the power to be everywhere at once!
  29. @Avielleamor- She is the founder of @skinseeds a clean and unisex skincare brand!
  30. @aasian- she knows how to blend athleisure with feminine pieces so well! Her kicks game is SO strong.
  31. @asiyamo_gold- She is a visual storyteller with such an editorial vibe. Her whole feed screams MOOD! She is also the creative director and founder of @shopa.au and producer of @aucostudio!
  32. @hannahbronfman- Many of you may already know Hannah but she is my FITSPO! SHE IS ALSO A DJ AND FOUNDER OF @hbfit! She’s 110% real and raw on her feed and gives great health and every day style tips.
  33. @jamaljackson_- Another friend from my early NYC days! He has always been a great menswear storyteller serving us badass yet classic looks for men.
  34. @hayet.rida- she is your creative strategist genius! Working at @instagram and @facebook. She is also the founder of @theridacollective and @theiishift! Shes serving up all the best skincare and social media tips. 
  35. @adamantlyadler- Your brooklyn girl giving us great skincare advice and tons of animal printed looks! She’s always finding us the best places to eat too 🙂
  36. @redcarpetgirlz- Okay… so if you aren’t following Zaza, you are missing out on a whole bunch of laughs and happiness. This girl is so sassy, funny, and ADORABLE. You just have to take my word for it. 
  37. @filipajackson- she’s been a long time IG friend and she is a new momma! She is so full of color and light. Her smile really just brightens my feed! 
  38. @heygorgjess– She is a beauty and fitness expert! She also has a great youtube channel to follow. Her casual everyday looks are what I aspire to dress like all the time! Plus when we could travel– her travel pics are beautiful.
  39. @signedblake- I have been following Blake since like 2013! Or really early on. She has such a cool and moody aesthetic. Tons of dark lighting but like so epic. I really can’t explain it but its SUCH a mood! You’ll have to check it out for yourself.
  40. @brenna_anastasia- style and beauty based out of LA and living the luxe life on a budget! Which I am always here for! Her style is so chic and I love how she makes everything look so luxurious. Even if it’s just a sweater and jeans!
  41. @nnekaj- She is actually a writer, photographer, and a host on the @passingthroughpod + @thelayover! I feel like scrolling through her feed is like looking through a beautiful coffee table book of travels. She has such an eye for composition and is a true artist.
  42. @natashandlovu Shes a model and content creator! Also founder of @vintageassembly. I love her movement in photos and detail shots. She is flawless! 
  43. @mossonyi– OKAYYY talk about EDITORIAL! Onyi’s IG is literally a lifestyle editorial magazine inspiring change. Her filters, coloring, and sense of creative style is so unique. So different from anything you will see on IG!
  44. @femmeblk- Lol I love Lydia’s bio saying that she loves food more than fashion and I totally feel her on that. But she serves up some incredible looks! She stays more on the neutrals with the occasional pop of color. But she has mastered that mirror selfie and I love that she always has a plant somewhere in the photo haha.
  45. @newtexacali- Nikki is a wife and mom of 2 in Houston! (Shout out to Texas)! Her children are absolutely beautiful and she has such a fun and energetic vibe. I love her relaxed style and its so perfect for summer vibes!
  46. @slipintostyle-OKAY I SEE YOU ELLIE!!!! This babe has no fear when it comes to patterns and playing with colors and I AM HERE FOR IT. Her style is so editorial and high fashion. It’s such an inspiration. Color Blocking and animal prints were made for her!
  47. @laurennicolefk- CEO @fashionkiller.UK, model, and creator! I love Lauren-Nicole’s body positive confidence! She has such a bold sense of style full of color and sparkles. I just love it so so much. 
  48. @lolafaith– Lola is a young london professional working in corporate communications and writing about lifestyle and fashion. She has great workwear outfits and London vibes! Can I teleport there right now please??
  49. @alexgowon- nyc artist and founder of @goonbyalex! I feel like he gives me major Paper Magazine vibes. He’s so creative with his style and photos– a true artist. 
  50. @luda_– Omg so I met him and his beautiful girlfriend at Electric Zoo and we just hit it off immediately! He is such a kind soul and has such classic menswear style. 
  51. @sadespence – host and reporter based in NYC! Her personality is contagious and you can really capture it on her feed. She keeps you up to date on all things movies, music, and more!
  52. @fisayolonge- Blogger but also owner of @kaicollective and @anaccidentalbutterfly! Fisayo is not afraid of a bold pattern and I now want to go buy everything she owns haha. Def check out her new collection launching!
  53. @veron.zee – LESS IS MORE for Zee! Zee is based in France and given the best Parisian girl vibes. She gives minimal a whole new meaning!
  54. @dananozime– Looking for sexy, flirty, and feminine outfits? Dana Emmanuelle is YOUR GIRL!!! She makes me wanna dress up at home in all these beautiful outfits. 
  55. @essiegolden-Body Positive advocate and founder of @golden.confidence! Love here streetwear photos! She does a great mix of fun and flirty with athleisure for plus size and curvy women.56. @celmatique– I’ve been following her for a few years also! Love her artistic edits and creative outfits. @colormecourtney and I use to say she was a combo of both of our styles! She’s so edgy and cool. I like want to be her haha. She’s another very unique account that is so different from what you see on IG! Love her.



  1. Oma The Label: @omathelabel sweet yet sexy minimalist jewelry and clothing brand.
  2. Elexiay: @elexiay Ethical fashion brand that highlights craftsmanship and sustainability. Amazing crochet wear and they take custom orders!
  3. Elia Vintage: @eliavintage Beautifully curated vintage pieces sold online worldwide.
  4. Lait De Coco: @laitdecocostudio A jaw dropping collection of vintage and handmade pieces. They are an up and coming business and do weekly IG sales via stories.
  5. House of Aama: @houseofaama a mother daughter design duo creating timeless folky vintage inspired garments 100% produced in LA.
  6. Aff & Jam: @affandjam eco conscious and vintage based apparel and art brand. They have timeless simple garments, the designs reflect the earth and the shape of the body and are truly stunning and thoughtful.
  7. smallneeds: @smallneeds beautifully curated vintage retail shop. Her pieces are simple and clean but have ornate retro detailing that sets her collection apart. 
  8. Christopher John Rogers: @christopherjphnrogers an over the top colorful designer, his lavish pieces can be found online at @netaporter or in-store at @shopmullen and @fortyfiveten
  9. Ama Nwoke: @amanwoke Tailored women’s clothing line that featured bold pieces that hope to inspire a vivacious lifestyle. 
  10. @ShopDanaScott has the cutest sweatsuits and accessories at the best prices! 
  11. Tia Adeola: @tiaadeola cutting edge yet soft and feminine this is a designer and artist you should not forget. 
  12. Cushnie: @cushnie Luxury women’s ready-to-wear clothing and accessory line. Designed in New york.
  13. Sami Miro Vintage: @samimirovintage Eco-conscious clothing brand based in LA. A fresh take on 90’s vintage 
  14. Fe Noel: @fenoel Women’s clothing brand designed for a bold leading woman. Modern styles meet bold colorways. 
  15. The Folklore: @thefolklore A retail company with a new online concept that delivering Africa and the diaspora’s top contemporary  designer brands
  16. Romeo Hunte: @romeohunte
  17. Laquan Smith: @laquan_smith
  18. Heron Preston: @heronpreston A bold and exciting clothing brand with 90’s inspired style that features artist and graffiti
  19. Wales Bonner: @walesbonner A funky retro menswear line that brings back familiar colorschemes and true quality.
  20. Stella Jean: @stellajean_sj_ If the tropical bold patterns and whimsical styles aren’t enough to pull you in this clothing company that is focusing on anatomy of multiculturalism and applying it to ethical fashion. All around amazing company and your finding it just in time for summer.
  21. Sincerely, Tommy: @sincerelytommy_ A lifestyle concept store that is on the cutting edge of high fashion. They are not only on trend but setting them. They have neutral simple palettes and surprise you with pops of color and unique design.
  22. Victor Glemaud: @glemaud mod colorblock, form fitting stripes, and silhouettes to make your wallet cry. A collection that will never go out of style. 
  23. McMullen: @shopmcmullen A women’s clothing store that has been discovering amazing global designers since 2007. Impeccably curated collection has it all, from high fashion professional to a whimsical beach weekend. Feminine and sophisticated.


  1. Lemlem: @lemlemoffical Swimwear brand made in africa to help empower local artisans. The swimwear and coverups have understated soft coloring and patterns and there’s a little something for everyone. 
  2. Zarnea Swim: @zarneaswim Simple, sexy and affordable. Made in the US and ships worldwide.
  3. Jade Swim: @jadeswim Luxe minimal swimwear brand that is eco-friendly, using all sustainable fabrics and is made in the heart LA.
  4. SavagexFenty: @savagexfenty If you haven’t discovered Rhianna’s lingerie and loungewear company yet I don’t know where you’ve been! She has made sexy accessible for every shape and price point. This is a favorite and I can’t wait to see what more there is to come here.
  5. Riot Swim


  1. Yam: @yam_nyc mod and simplistic jewelry and watches, handmade in Queens, NY and upcycled + vintage apparel 
  2. Gilded Grotto: @gildedgrotto One of kind jewelry.  Unique tones,  pendants, statement gold and silver chains.
  3. 1929: @1929galore Accessories designed and curated in LA. Simple chains and pendants, earrings and rings but very unique and original.
  4. Brother Vellies: @brothervellies stunning and sustainable handcrafted brand, features shoes and handbags. Made by artisans spanning Nairobi to New York, Brooklyn based.
  5. Fanm Djanm: @fanmdjanm Colorful and unique headwraps and accessories. This is truly a brand who cares about women and celebrating their strength.
  6. Telfar: @telfarglobal This recently rebranded handbag line is being called “the new birkin.” I think that says enough?!
  7. Salone Monet: @salonemonet Nude heels made in six shades, designed to match you!
  8. Monrowe: @monrowenyc Unisex timeless hats created in bold styles. This collection by @danievans1 was inspired by her grandfather and  the nuances of jazz culture.


  1. BREEDLOVE BEAUTY CO.: @breedlovebeautyco all natural organic beauty, cosmetics and personal care
  2. Anne’s Apothecary: @annesapothecary Plant based, Bio active skincare, beauty and personal care.
  3. Briogeo: @briogeo A family recipe transformed into a celeb-favorite. This homemade hair care recipe has now grown into a line of clean products for every hairtime and hair ailment. These products are almost as amazing as the young woman you created them.
  4. Uoma Beauty: @uomabeauty was created in 2019 as a result of the lack of diversity within the beauty industry. Sharon Chuter goes above and beyond just 40 shades. She created a dual sided contour stick, Stay Woke concealer and so much more, each product offering a shade and color for everyone.
  5. The Lip Bar: @thelipbar I don’t know what’s more amazing, this creault-free, clean and vegan lipstick line made for women of color or Melissa Butler’s kick-ass no-one-can-stop-me story of creating it. 
  6. Hyper Skin: @gethyperskin Hyper skin is a skincare line with one major concern: Hyperpigmentation. Many women with darker skin tones struggle when attempting to treat their acne marks, dark spots and oily skin that can often result in discoloration. Desiree Verdejo dedicated her time and energy into creating this serum to solve these women’s problems. 
  7. Unsun: @unsuncosmetics Katonya Breaux (mother of Frank Ocean) experienced sun damage in her early 30’s, so she has made it her mission to educate people of all skin tones the importance of SPF and protecting your skin, thus Unsun was created. This all natural, clean line of sunscreen instantly blends into skin, priming and color-correcting. It has a light mineral tint leaving a glowy shine. Good sunscreen is so hard to find!!
  8. Beauty Bakerie: @beautybakeriemakeup An instagram sensation that is going to stick around for the long haul. Infamous for the long lasting Lip Whip, Cashmere Nicole has gone on to launch a full makeup line that is equal parts whimsical and quality. 


  1. Celsius: @celsious_social A modern eco-friendly laundry service based in Brooklyn, NY.
  2. Modish: @modishdecorpillows A home decor brand by Chantal Bradley based in New York and has worldwide shipping. She specializes in colorful and unique throw pillows.
  3. Jungalow: @thejungalow This online decor shop has a simple clean bohemian vibe. SHe has everything from rugs and wall art to planters and beautiful woven baskets. 
  4. Domain by Laura Hodges: @laurahodgesstudio Beautiful ceramic pieces, throw pillows, dish towels and more. Laura Hodges has collected a homie and clean collection of decor you will love. 
  5. BLK MKT Vintage: @blkmktvintage A super cool collection of black collectables ranging from vintage literature, record, art, decors, even retro afro pics in original packaging. They have worked hard to find an amazing assortment to fill their store and they have a really meaningful story. Definitely worth a visit.
  6. Tracie Hervy: @tracie_hervy Beautiful handcrafted ceramics that are not just minimalistic but also elegant. 


  1. Official George Floyd Memorial Fund on GoFundMe: Official GoFundMe to support the Floyd family.
  2. Color of Change: designs campaigns powerful enough to end practices that unfairly hold Black people back, and champion solutions that move us all forward.
  3. Black Visions Collective: A black, trans, and queer led organization that is commited to dismantling systems og oppression and violence and shifting the public narrative to create transformative, long-term change. 
  4. NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund: The NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. (LDF) is America’s top legal firm fighting for racial justice. LDF seeks equality for all Americans
  5. North Star Health Collective: Collective. Northstar hosts trainings, continuing education, and community events… Your commitment strengthens radical health care in Minnesota and beyond
  6. Louisville Community Bail Fund: The Louisville Community Bail Fund exists to not only bail out folks, but provide post-release support to get them from jail, fed, and to a situation of safety.
  7. Atlanta Solidarity Fund: The Atlanta Solidarity Fund bails out activists who are arrested for participating in social justice movements, and helps them get access to lawyers.
  8. Liberty Fund: is a private, educational foundation established to encourage the study of the ideal of a society of free and responsible individuals.
  9. Community Justice Exchange: They provide support to community-based organizations across the country that are experimenting with bottom-up interventions that contest the current operation and function of the criminal legal and immigration detention systems.
  10. Reclaim the Block: coalition that advocates for and invests in community led safety initiatives in Minneapolis neighborhoods
  11. Campaign Zero: Online platform and organization that utilizes research based policy solutions to end police brutality in America
  12. Unicorn Riot: Non-profit organization that is dedicated to exposing root causes of dynamic social and environmental issues



  1. Andy Beshear: Justice for Breonna Taylor
  2. Justice for George Flloyd
  3. #WeCantBreathe
  4. Justice for Belly Mujinga
  5. Justice for Tony McDade
  6. Raise the Degree for Derek Chauvin’s Murder Charge
  7. Prosecute the Minneapolis Police Department Officers who killed George Flloyd 
  8. For British schools to implement teaching British children about black history
  9. Mandatory Life Sentence for Police Brutality – Change.org
  10. Sign the Tallahassee Dream Defenders’ Petition for Tony McDade
  11. Sign Color of Change’s Petition for George Floyd
  12. Hand’s Up Act to punish police for shooting unarmed citizens
  13. NAACP #WeAreDoneDying Petition
  14. Justice for Belly Mujinga
  15. Justice for João Pedro
  16. Sign the Movement for Black Lives petition to push elected officials to fight against the militarization in communities of color
  17. Email NYC Mayor de Blasio here
  18. Text “ENOUGH” to 55156 or sign this petition to demand justice for Breonna Taylor
  19. Text “JUSTICE” to 668366 to sign MoveOn’s petition for George Floyd or sign here

Use this template to contact your representative and push them to consider changing police training to decrease police brutality

Remeber y’all. This is not a trend. This is a movement. Racial injustice stops NOW.

xx Lex

Here are just a few images with handles from friends and creators! I know this is not all of the ones listed above but I am working on adding more 🙂

Thank you Chloie for helping me pull together this list!