Breakups are Heavy but…

Navigating through the whirlwind of a breakup, I’ve discovered a refreshing perspective amidst
the emotional chaos. Breakups often feel like carrying a heavy weight day in and day out, but…


As your go-to source for the chicest gift ideas, I am excited to give yall my curated holiday gift guide. With only ten days left for holiday shopping, dive into this list of fabulous finds to surprise and delight your loved ones!


Love is in the air! I feel like this can be a kind of funky time of year for a lot of people but thank god we have some kind of holiday to spice it up.

2022 ultimate gift guide

Happy Holidays Homies!!!
My freaking favorite time of year because it means shoppingggg!!! I have put together a 3 lists- one for the globe trotter in your life, for your self care queen and the trendsetter who’s
impossible to buy for. It consists of all my favorite brands and the best gifts big and small that are sure to be winners!


I created a naughty and nice list for these holidays that consist of everything you need from travel gettaways to even some risque lingerie! Please note I will also be creating  jewelry, boot/shoe, and Latinx brand guides soon! But for now… Happy shopping and happy holidays!


DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY with Dr. Shahar I have always believed in doing what makes you happy. For instance, if you have an insecurity and it truly affects your happiness, then take control of it and do something about it! Some of y’all have watched me grow up over the past 7 years on [...]


YOU’RE GUIDE TO SUMMER CARE! Summer skin AND hair are the freaking best but just because we can usually get away with less makeup doesn't mean you should loosen up on your skincare routine! I have rounded up what I am using to keep my hair and skin healthy and tanned! I have linked a [...]

The One In Quarantine

The world has been pretty crazy right now and people are facing unimaginable hardships but in order to get through this time we have to look at the positives, do things that bring us joy. As the world seems like its getting ready to get back to normal…


Save your money and do it yourself! There are SO many amazing at home skincare options if you are really struggling with a certain issue or just looking for something to keep yourself busy. However, always be careful your skin…


Okay! So y’all I just spent all day rounding up these sales for y’all and pulling a few of my favorite things from each sale below! I know a ton of yall asked where to shop loungewear sales…

That Time of Year!

Everyone has a signature scent. It can change over time but we all become addicted to something. My addiction for YSL Black Opium started 2 years ago when I got it as a gift for Valentines Day from Sephora! So if you are still looking for gift ideas…

The Perfect Mother’s Day!

I don’t know about you but I always struggle with what to get my mom for Mother’s Day. Y’all have seen her on Instastories, and just like me, she is very particular about the things she likes. So I always want…

Sephora Birthday Party!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Believe it or not, I’m actually not a birthday diva but I am a diva when it comes to BEAUTY ;-)…

“Be Clear Bootcamp” with  La Roche- Posay

Okay… now say it with me- la roshe po-ZAY-. I literally have had to say that in my head over and over again to finally get it right….


As y’all know I LOVE Halloween. Ever since I was little I loved dressing up like different Disney characters or I mean… different American Girl Dolls haha…

Lexicon of Halloween

Can you believe Halloween has already gone and passed? I seriously can’t! In case you did not know, I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween. I believe it all stems from my passion for dressing up every since I was little…