As your go-to source for the chicest gift ideas, I am excited to give yall my curated holiday gift guide. With only ten days left for holiday shopping, dive into this list of fabulous finds to surprise and delight your loved ones!


Love is in the air! I feel like this can be a kind of funky time of year for a lot of people but thank god we have some kind of holiday to spice it up.

2022 ultimate gift guide

Happy Holidays Homies!!!
My freaking favorite time of year because it means shoppingggg!!! I have put together a 3 lists- one for the globe trotter in your life, for your self care queen and the trendsetter who’s
impossible to buy for. It consists of all my favorite brands and the best gifts big and small that are sure to be winners!


I created a naughty and nice list for these holidays that consist of everything you need from travel gettaways to even some risque lingerie! Please note I will also be creating  jewelry, boot/shoe, and Latinx brand guides soon! But for now… Happy shopping and happy holidays!


I hope y’all found this helpful and I cannot wait to see all the sexy beach pics so so soon.This was just a quick little guide to help you start planning your trip. I have SO much more insider info in my Ultimate Cabo Guide available on ….


DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY with Dr. Shahar I have always believed in doing what makes you happy. For instance, if you have an insecurity and it truly affects your happiness, then take control of it and do something about it! Some of y’all have watched me grow up over the past 7 years on [...]


YOU’RE GUIDE TO SUMMER CARE! Summer skin AND hair are the freaking best but just because we can usually get away with less makeup doesn't mean you should loosen up on your skincare routine! I have rounded up what I am using to keep my hair and skin healthy and tanned! I have linked a [...]


I am listening. I am learning. I am acting. I have muted my original content temporarily to #amplifymelantedvoices. This does not mean I am being silent. I am here to bring positivity and support to the black community. It’s important that we all understand that this is not a trend but a movement for permanent change…

The One In Quarantine

The world has been pretty crazy right now and people are facing unimaginable hardships but in order to get through this time we have to look at the positives, do things that bring us joy. As the world seems like its getting ready to get back to normal…


Hey bebs, I know this is such a weird time and there is a lot of pressure to be working out and staying productive. We want to start this by saying, it’s okay if you’re feeling lazy. It’s okay…


Okay! So y’all I just spent all day rounding up these sales for y’all and pulling a few of my favorite things from each sale below! I know a ton of yall asked where to shop loungewear sales…

The One In Oakland

So, as I plan all of my 2020 travels and depart for Asia on January 9… I wanted to recount my time in Oakland! I have been to many places in the US this year…

Liberate Your Space

Ever wonder why I never really give y’all a glimpse of my NYC apartment?! Well it’s because I have a confession… I AM A HOARDER!!! Ok not like to the extreme…

Fake Your Tans Not Your…

Finish that sentence… What do you think I am going to say? Lashes? Fur? Handbags? Nope… I’m talking about the big O. That’s right, we’re talking about women’s health for the first time ever on here because (A) most women are too afraid to talk about these types of issues. (B) y’all always request that […]

WeWork x

YALL YOU CAN VISIT WEWORK and get up to 20% OFF USING THIS LINK HERE! Now let me tell you why this is SO worth it and very exciting… Living in NYC it’s hard to work from home all the time.

Garment District NYC

I love getting to share with y’all some of my favorite places around the world but it has been a while since I have gotten the chance to tell you about some really fun places to go out here in New York City…

Gov Ball 2018

Y’all know I love a good music festival… Especially Gov Ball because it is conveniently located in New York City (on Randall’s island) and it always has a great set up! My very first year I went was in 2013 before I even moved to NYC…


As y’all know I LOVE Halloween. Ever since I was little I loved dressing up like different Disney characters or I mean… different American Girl Dolls haha…

National Tequila Day with Avión Tequila

This year I am celebrating National Tequila Day with Avion Tequila! If y’all dont know me already… here are 4 quick fun facts about me…

Lexicon of Halloween

Can you believe Halloween has already gone and passed? I seriously can’t! In case you did not know, I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween. I believe it all stems from my passion for dressing up every since I was little…