Breakups are Heavy but…

Navigating through the whirlwind of a breakup, I’ve discovered a refreshing perspective amidst
the emotional chaos. Breakups often feel like carrying a heavy weight day in and day out, but…


As your go-to source for the chicest gift ideas, I am excited to give yall my curated holiday gift guide. With only ten days left for holiday shopping, dive into this list of fabulous finds to surprise and delight your loved ones!

LatinX Designer Guide for the Holidays

 I want to give you all the inside scoop on the Latinx brands to look out for this Holiday Season.


Love is in the air! I feel like this can be a kind of funky time of year for a lot of people but thank god we have some kind of holiday to spice it up.

2022 ultimate gift guide

Happy Holidays Homies!!!
My freaking favorite time of year because it means shoppingggg!!! I have put together a 3 lists- one for the globe trotter in your life, for your self care queen and the trendsetter who’s
impossible to buy for. It consists of all my favorite brands and the best gifts big and small that are sure to be winners!


I created a naughty and nice list for these holidays that consist of everything you need from travel gettaways to even some risque lingerie! Please note I will also be creating  jewelry, boot/shoe, and Latinx brand guides soon! But for now… Happy shopping and happy holidays!

The Hat Guide

Here are a few of my favorites but find the ULTIMATE guide here! Fortuna: I discovered Fortuna in a little boutique when I was walking around San Angel. They are a large part of the reason my hat collection doubled while I was in Mexico this summer. All their hats are that classic wide brim […]


I hope y’all found this helpful and I cannot wait to see all the sexy beach pics so so soon.This was just a quick little guide to help you start planning your trip. I have SO much more insider info in my Ultimate Cabo Guide available on ….

Last Minute 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

If you are anything like me… You leave shopping for the last minute (much like I did with this blogpost lol). So I will keep this short and sweet!


DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY with Dr. Shahar I have always believed in doing what makes you happy. For instance, if you have an insecurity and it truly affects your happiness, then take control of it and do something about it! Some of y’all have watched me grow up over the past 7 years on [...]


YOU’RE GUIDE TO SUMMER CARE! Summer skin AND hair are the freaking best but just because we can usually get away with less makeup doesn't mean you should loosen up on your skincare routine! I have rounded up what I am using to keep my hair and skin healthy and tanned! I have linked a [...]


Happy almost summer! I was feeling so overwhelmed by the love on my latest swimsuit post that I decided to round up some of my favorite swimsuits that I am looking at online for yall!


I am listening. I am learning. I am acting. I have muted my original content temporarily to #amplifymelantedvoices. This does not mean I am being silent. I am here to bring positivity and support to the black community. It’s important that we all understand that this is not a trend but a movement for permanent change…

The One In Quarantine

The world has been pretty crazy right now and people are facing unimaginable hardships but in order to get through this time we have to look at the positives, do things that bring us joy. As the world seems like its getting ready to get back to normal…


Save your money and do it yourself! There are SO many amazing at home skincare options if you are really struggling with a certain issue or just looking for something to keep yourself busy. However, always be careful your skin…


Hey bebs, I know this is such a weird time and there is a lot of pressure to be working out and staying productive. We want to start this by saying, it’s okay if you’re feeling lazy. It’s okay…


Okay! So y’all I just spent all day rounding up these sales for y’all and pulling a few of my favorite things from each sale below! I know a ton of yall asked where to shop loungewear sales…


When we stayed at Planet Hollywood in the Papagayo Peninsula! @Courtandkelly and I took a little romantic (and VERY LIT) getaway to Costa Rica to stay at the Planet Hollywood All Inclusive Resort and Spa.

The One In Oakland

So, as I plan all of my 2020 travels and depart for Asia on January 9… I wanted to recount my time in Oakland! I have been to many places in the US this year…

That Time of Year!

Everyone has a signature scent. It can change over time but we all become addicted to something. My addiction for YSL Black Opium started 2 years ago when I got it as a gift for Valentines Day from Sephora! So if you are still looking for gift ideas…

The One In Bermuda

Exactly one year ago, Court and I took a romantic trip to the Bahamas and now we have decided to make it an annual trip, so this year we visited the lovely BERMUDA! Did you know Bermuda is just a 1.5 hour flight from NYC?!

Liberate Your Space

Ever wonder why I never really give y’all a glimpse of my NYC apartment?! Well it’s because I have a confession… I AM A HOARDER!!! Ok not like to the extreme…

The Perfect Mother’s Day!

I don’t know about you but I always struggle with what to get my mom for Mother’s Day. Y’all have seen her on Instastories, and just like me, she is very particular about the things she likes. So I always want…

Sephora Birthday Party!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Believe it or not, I’m actually not a birthday diva but I am a diva when it comes to BEAUTY ;-)…

Fake Your Tans Not Your…

Finish that sentence… What do you think I am going to say? Lashes? Fur? Handbags? Nope… I’m talking about the big O. That’s right, we’re talking about women’s health for the first time ever on here because (A) most women are too afraid to talk about these types of issues. (B) y’all always request that […]

WeWork x

YALL YOU CAN VISIT WEWORK and get up to 20% OFF USING THIS LINK HERE! Now let me tell you why this is SO worth it and very exciting… Living in NYC it’s hard to work from home all the time.

Big Girl Pants

Suits are no longer for just men! Women can wear them whenever and wherever we want. You’ve seen me in a million pant suits… From spring/summer, NYFW, Halloween, and now were here in Fall/Winter. Pant suits are always appropriate!

citizenM MoSa

Y’all remember my other blog post talking about the citizenM hotel? Well I am so excited show y’all the inside now! And it is absolutely amazing…


“Has anyone seen my latest timepiece?” as Schmidt from New Girl would call his watch hahaha. But really have you seen it? Its my latest G-shock Sporty S Series watch and I am obsessed!

Tequila Me Softly

I felt like we were arriving at the Polar Express but… Instead of the North Pole we’re in Mexico, and instead of hot cocoa we’re drinking tequila, and instead of Santa Claus, it’s Jose Cuervo lol.  So… better than anything I could imagine.

Garment District NYC

I love getting to share with y’all some of my favorite places around the world but it has been a while since I have gotten the chance to tell you about some really fun places to go out here in New York City…

You’re a Real Gem

Are you familiar with the jewelry brand Kendra Scott? Well… I have been wearing her jewelry since I was 18! I got my first pair of Danielles as a gift when I was a freshman at UT…

Galeries Lafayette

Well its official. I am going to start planning my trip to Paris ASAP! Last week I partnered up with Lido and Galeries Lafayette to bring to y’all their amazing classes and experiences offered in Paris…

citizenM hotel

The new citizenM hotel is opening on the oldest street in NYC– Bowery! citizenM’s goal is to create affordable luxury for the people. The traveler who appreciates design, location, and comfort. citizenM aims to pay tribute to the citizens of the Bowery…

Gov Ball 2018

Y’all know I love a good music festival… Especially Gov Ball because it is conveniently located in New York City (on Randall’s island) and it always has a great set up! My very first year I went was in 2013 before I even moved to NYC…

River Island


Amazon Fashion

As I mentioned in a previous post… I am addicted to online shopping. So it’s no question that I turn to Amazon for literally everything! Groceries, furniture, and my fashion essentials!

“Be Clear Bootcamp” with  La Roche- Posay

Okay… now say it with me- la roshe po-ZAY-. I literally have had to say that in my head over and over again to finally get it right….

Eggie Shop

I have a serious problem with online shopping and I have my usual go-tos but I recently discovered a new favorite… Eggie! I love Jenn’s (the founder of Eggies) mission to push the boundaries of fashion…


As y’all know I LOVE Halloween. Ever since I was little I loved dressing up like different Disney characters or I mean… different American Girl Dolls haha…

Giada De Laurentiis x Lexicon of Style

It’s here! My latest @shoplexiconofstyle SCARF collaboration with Giada De Laurentiis is here! I have partnered up with Giada herself to design the prettiest twilly scarf…

National Tequila Day with Avión Tequila

This year I am celebrating National Tequila Day with Avion Tequila! If y’all dont know me already… here are 4 quick fun facts about me…


Let me introduce you to the Sand Scarf, the Ivy Scarf, and the TNT Scarf! Each scarf design is inspired by different places around the world and each name is inspired by a different rock song…

NYFW Part 1

Sorry I am a little late getting to y’all about fashion week. I have been trying to decide how to go about writing about this season…

Charles & Colvard

I like to keep my piercings minimal and pierced with quality earrings (I am allergic to nickle)… So that’s when I discovered Charles & Colvard!…

Shop Madora

Shopping apps are seriously my new fav thing. has quickly captured my heart and now we also have Madora!

Lexicon of Halloween

Can you believe Halloween has already gone and passed? I seriously can’t! In case you did not know, I absolutely love dressing up for Halloween. I believe it all stems from my passion for dressing up every since I was little…

NYFW Day 5 Style Recap

So let’s address the most major part of this look… These vintage OshKosh B’gosh overalls!

NYFW DAY 4 Style Recap

I started out the day in this Karigam sequin top paired with some vintage Levi cut off shorts with my Michaela Buerger sweatshirt tied around my waist. I wanted to actually…


First up was Rebecca Minkoff – one of my favorites each year! Where do we even begin?!

NYFW Day 3 Style Recap

You know that episode from friends when Rachel wears that yellow silk oriental dress, The One with All the Kissing?

NYFW Day 2 Style Recap

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love anything star print!

LEXICON of Fashion Week Day 2

After that, we were off to Bollare showroom.. Which is basically heaven on earth. There were three floors with an indoor pool, open rooftop lounge, and a main floor with a kitchen full of donuts, shopping, and a beauty lounge…


I kicked off day 1 with a backstage experience with Maybelline for the Brock Collection. I was drooling over….

NYFW Day 1 Style Recap

Hey y’all! As you may have realized by following along @lexiconofstyle on Snapchat and Instagram, my life has been insane…

Halston PreFall

Introducing one of Halston’s cornerstone pieces to their new PreFall collection launching in a matter of weeks. I have always been a huge fan of the iconic and historic Halston clothing brand….

NYFW 2016 Day 7

The last day of this season’s NYFW was a bittersweet one. It always gets me down when the craziness is over. This week was full of so many fun, interesting learning experiences and I have loved sharing all of it with y’all through the blog and my Instagram feed.

NYFW 2016 Day 6

Day 6 was action packed y’all. Tresseme had me in to get my hair done [honestly they are a blessing during the crazy NYFW time, thank y’all for saving my hair each day!]. While getting pampered, they did my hair with the new reverse collection, which involves using conditioner first, then shampoo. It is the best thing to happen to my hair. I have thin and flat hair which is never fun for big events such as NYFW, so this is something I will be utilizing in the future!

NYFW 2016 Day 5

Day 5 was so cool, for I was able to actually go back stage for the show I attended. I had to work on day 5, which put a bit of a damper on things, but I was so happy to go to one show!

NYFW 2016 Day 4

Day 4 of NYFW started off with a dreamy feel at the Chloe Gosselin presentation. Seriously I have never seen so much detail put into shoe designs before. I loved the aesthetic portrayed at this presentation! The theme of the set up was “In Bed with Chloe”, so the entire presentation was full of dreamy bed sets, whimsical flowers and garden accessories, and of course, the most elegant models lounging around in bed in Chloe Gosselin heels.

NYFW 2016 Day 3

Unfortunately I was unable to attend my events and shows on day 3. I felt so awful about not being able to show up and support some of my favorite designers, and even worse about not being able to catch up with some of my favorite NYC connections. Sometimes in life, personal matters have to come first, and the best thing we can do is get back up the next day and make the best of it!

NYFW 2016 Day 2

Day 2 of NYFW was packed yet again with some of the most inspirational and fun events! I met up with my fav blogger babe Elena from A New York Love Affair in order to have double the fun.

NYFW 2016: Pre-Party Pampering

Before the craziness of NYFW 2016 began, I was able to have a day of pre-fashion week fun full of pampering, networking and style

NYFW 2016 Day 1

New York Fashion Week has arrived, and it began with a bang. After my pre-party pampering day I was ready to take on the madness of the first day of NYFW 2016. My day started with heading to see my favorite creative stylists at Tresseme to get my hair done.

NYFW: A Lexicon Reflection

I’ll keep this post quick since I’ve written to y’all about this before, but each year I can’t help but reminisce on how special this week long celebration of hard work within the fashion industry is.

Men’s Fashion Week NYFW ’16

Hey y’all! As you may have seen on my snapchat [@lexiconofstyle] the past few days, it is time for NYFW winter edition! I was able to kick off this seasons fun and excitement by partaking in two events that I had never been able to before: Men’s Fashion Week!

NYFW Day 6: New York, I Love You

That’s a wrap…. until winter The last day of NYFW is always bittersweet. Influencers and designers like myself look forward to this week all summer. The hype is addicting and the excitement is too real when linking up with familiar faces. This year, I spent NYFW’s last day a bit differently. My first stop was […]

NYFW Day 5: The Pizza and Fun Diet

What’s better than hot girls eating pizza and celebrating fashion? With the help of my assistant Jacqueline, day 5 of NYFW consisted of lots of thank you emails, follow up research, blog posts and photo editing. I did get some time to escape the West Village after heading to 3NY to pick up my ‘Painting […]

NYFW Day 4: Working and Playing

Ready, set, getting glammed up and stepping out Day 4 of NYFW was full of excitement, fun and glam. The day started out by getting my hair done at Skylight Clarkson with Tresemmè. We did an awesome look called bangin’ bangs, featuring some amazing Tresemmè products. Once we had our bangin’ hair style put together, […]

Seeing Stars with RMNYC

Stepping out in a sweater set – yes, me. Rebecca Minkoff NYC always sends me the coolest stuff to represent the brand. I knew when I talked to them about being dressed head to toe in RMNYC for the SS16 runway show, that I should expect something hip, trendy and totally edgy. The outfit they […]

Red Hot in the Middle of Fashion Week

Portemode and Tresemmè took me from drab to fab The structure of pieces is something so intricately designed – from dresses, to skirts, to peplums to cropped pants. It’s like putting together a layout for a building; each stitch leads to another and every seam structures the design into what it should be. The dress […]

Day 3: Hard Work Pays Off

The sweat, blisters and effort put into NYFW and how it pays off One thing I really wanted to talk to my readers about this year after NYFW was the hard work it takes to get there. So, it’s story time. Many people don’t know this, but I think it’s important to share it with […]

Day Two: Daring to be Different

Two big names that brought fun and street art to life Many people have pointed out to me over the years that my style is different. It’s not what every young woman shops for or looks forward to putting on in the morning. The style I have collected and [somehow] fit into my tiny West […]

Day One: Rain or Shine

Six events in one day? Bring it. Day 1 had an early start at an amazing space called Art Beam, New York City; perfect for what ended up being one of the most elegant shows I have seen. Leanne Marshall showed off her Spring and Summer collection with mood lighting, dry ice and unique music. Her […]

The Pre-Party

Some presentation fun before the madness of NYFW The first few presentations I went to were full of white space and contemporary beauty. I was able to take a look at what O’2nd has in store for Spring and Summer of 2016, and I have to say, it was so refreshing!  Elena and I headed […]

Nanette Lepore FW15

Nanette Lepore’s collections the past few seasons have pleasantly surprised me. I use to have the assumption that Nanette was too girly for my personal style but this collection along with the SS15 collection both have a chic bohemian/rock and roll vibe going on. The hashtag for the collection was #poshrebel which fits the collection […]

NYFW FW15 Look of the Day 7

Look of the Day at New York Fashion Week FW15 Day 7 Day 7 of NYFW FW15… I never thought I would see the day (and neither did my feet). In case you haven’t noticed, these Saint Laurent booties have become the everyday shoe for this fashion week. Red may as well just be considered […]

Elie Tahari FW15

As some of y’all know, I am obsessed with pretty much anything cobalt blue, furry, and fringed—these addictions are very evident in my Instagram feed with the constant pops of blue and overuse of fur coats in my Instagram pictures. So it was no surprise that I was immediately captured by the overall blue tones […]

NYFW FW15 Look of the Day 6

Look of the Day at New York Fashion Week FW15 Day 6 My favorite new white fedora hat finally came in! I ordered this Lack of Colors hat from Australia before NYFW to wear to the shows. I am a huge hat person and I love a good statement piece. I was bummed that it […]

NYFW FW15 Look of the Day 5

Look of the Day at New York Fashion Week FW15 day 5 Sorry this took me a while to write about this post! My blog decided to breakdown on Friday and I didn’t get a chance to tell you a little bit about this look! I am working on future posts now and construction for […]

Michael Costello FW15

I actually ran into Michael Costello in the elevator of the Empire Hotel right after his show. I immediately congratulated him on his new collection and told him how much I love his work. I love his response, “Thank you! Me too!” As a designer, that is the response you want to hear and the […]

NYFW FW15 Look of the Day 4

Look of the Day at New York Fashion Week FW15 day 4 I actually didn’t go to any shows on the 4th day. But I did go to a few NYFW events with one of my blogger BFF’s Natywhere I got to meet L.A. bloggers, Rey and Laine from Reyal Fashion and Fashion Laine! Rey […]

NYFW 15 Look of the Day 3

Look of the Day 3 at New York Fashion Week FW15 During NYFW everyone was talking about how the streetwalkers of fashion week were dressing inappropriately for the cold. Well yes, I would agree that this look isn’t the perfect snow bunny outfit, but I was so excited to wear my new denim culottes that […]

Naeem Khan FW15

Naeem Khan is one of my favorite shows to go to because, although our time was very brief together, I did have the honor of meeting him in the summer of 2013.  Let me just tell you — he is one of the kindest, most genuine, and passionate people I have ever met. Yes, I […]

NYFW15 Look of the Day 2

Look of the day 2 from New York Fashion Week FW 2015 Lexicon of Style taken by Dvora for British Vogue: Street Chic For Day 2 of NYFW I wanted to dress appropriately for the weather — so naturally I wore my faux fur hat and coat with suede boots and a neoprene dress. This […]

Tommy Hilfiger NYFW15

Check out the Intro to Tommy Hilfiger at NYFW15 video AND the NYFW15 Tommy Hilfiger Finale! Words can’t describe my reaction to my being invited to the Tommy Hilfiger show. I was so honored to be able to bare-witness to one of the biggest shows at NYFW. I had just gotten home from the Elaine Turner event […]

Lela Rose FW15

This season at NYFW I am going to try out blogging about the shows a little bit differently – usually I choose my top 5 looks and share them, along with the photos that I personally took…which means I spend most of the show struggling to get a good shot rather than actually enjoying the […]

NYFW Look of the Day 1 (con’t)

Look of the Day 1 outfit change at New York Fashion Week FW 2015   As I mentioned in my previous Look of the Day post, I made a sneaky little outfit change on the first day of NYFW. There was no real reason as to why, other than that I just really wanted to […]

Nicole Miller NYFW FW 2015

Nicole Miller FW 2015 at New York Fashion Week This season at NYFW I am going to try out blogging about the shows a little bit differently – usually I choose my top 5 looks and share them, along with the photos that I personally took…which means I spend most of the show struggling to […]

Mongol FW 2015

Mongol was definitely one of the more interesting shows I attended during fashion week. Like I mentioned in my other NYFW posts, this season I am going to be blogging about the shows a little bit differently – usually I choose my top 5 looks and share them, along with the photos that I personally […]

NYFW Look of the Day 1

My first look at NYFW Day 1   Here’s what I wore for the first half of NYFW Day 1…  I wore this to Nicholas K and the Pas de Calais shows and then I did a sneaky outfit change half way through the day that I will be sharing with yall tomorrow for the […]

Desigual NYFW FW 15

Like I mentioned in my other NYFW posts, this season I am going to try out blogging about the shows a little bit differently – usually I choose my top 5 looks and share them, along with the photos that I personally took…which means I spend most of the show struggling to get a good […]

NYFW 2015 Look of the Day 1

NYFW Day 1 Look of the Day #streetstyle To be honest with y’all… It’s 5 am my time and I have been catching up on work and blogging. I’m super tired so I apologize if you’re reading this before I go back and edit this in the morning. I just wanted to have it published […]

Pas de Calais NYFW FW 15

The Pas de Calais showroom was set up with dangling mannequins and a thick fog across the floor – it was like walking directly into the snow-laden clouds that were hovering over New York these past few days! The overall feeling was eerie yet magical at same time. I felt like I had just climbed a mountain in the […]

Nicholas K FW 2015

Nicholas K Fall/Winter 2015 Runway at New York Fashion Week 2015 This season at NYFW I am going to try out blogging about the shows a little bit differently – usually I choose my top 5 looks and share them, along with the photos that I personally took…which means I spend most of the show […]

Happy Halloween

October in NYC for Halloween Happy Halloween to all of my readers out there! Y’all may not know but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays along with Christmas. I love dressing up. I always have ever since I was little. I even used to dress up like Mini Mouse or Alice in Wonderland to […]

M Missoni + Travel Write Draw

September in NYC at the M Missoni event at Saks Fifth Ave Well first of all… I have to congratulate my good friend Meagan Morrison of Travel Write Draw for all of her success! She just hit about 36K followers on Instagram and is landing jobs with huge names left and right! Congrats Meagan!!   […]

NYFW SS15 Look of the Day 6

September in NYC at NYFW SS15   My design, the Wanderlust Set, was the perfect way to end my Look of the Days for NYFW SS15 wouldn’t you say? This outfit is inspired my by passion for traveling. I have always enjoyed flying/traveling and so I decided to design a piece that resembles what the […]

Naeem Khan

September in NYC at the Naeem Khan SS15 show at NYFW   Ok well first of all… how cool was it that MY name was on my chair at the Naeem Khan show? It just made the whole show and experience so much more personal and special. Also what made this show extra special is […]

Nanette Lepore

September in NYC at the Nanette Lepore SS15   Well to continue the beachy theme from Mara Hoffman and Yigal Azrouël, Nanette Lepore ’s collection was spot on! She was inspired by her vacations in California and the South of France. The bright yellows resembled the brightness of the sun and mixed perfectly with the […]

NYFW SS15 Look of the Day 5

September in NYC at NYFW SS15 Day 5 of fashion week I got to go hang out at the Empire Hotel rooftop to celebrate Isabella Rose Taylor’s NYFW SS15 show with Dell! Really long story short, my good friend Mary Yitalo, who I met on my plane from New York to Austin, introduced me to […]

September in NYC at the SS15 Mara Hoffman show at NYFW

September in NYC at the SS15 Mara Hoffman show at NYFW   Mara Hoffman always puts on a fun and colorful show. Usually the colors are more neon and vibrant than this new collection but Mara stayed true to her fun patterns and hues. She focused more on her own personal aesthetic, which is a […]

NYFW SS15 Look of the Day 3

September in NYC at NYFW SS15   I apologize for taking so long to get all my fashion week posts done but I swear I’ll wrap it up this week!! I have a lot of new posts coming to my blog from my new StyleTag fall feature so if you want to get a sneak peak […]

Yigal Azrouël

September in NYC at the Yigal Azrouël SS15 fashion show   The Yigal Azrouël’s new collection was very obviously inspired by the summer, beach, and vacation. The loose fluid silhouettes with the palm tree prints and whimsical feather embroideries made me already miss summer even though it just ended a few weeks ago. My favorite […]

Fashion Palette

September in NYC at the Fashion Palette SS15 RTW show at Pier 59 studios   So as some of ya’ll my know I have a crazy obsession with Australian brands… such as Cameo, Finders Keepers, Style Stalker, etc. I got invited to go to the Fashion Palette showcase, which featured about 8 different Australian ready […]


September in NYC at the TOWN & COUNTRY Atelier event   My good friend Allie Besing works for Town & Country and invited me to their event at the High Line Hotel. This was such a lovely event with so many goodies. There was John Barrett braid stylists, Chloe perfumes, Erno Laszlo skin care samplings, […]

NYFW SS15 Look of the Day 2

September in NYC at NYFW SS15 Wow has it been a crazy week and a half. I have 3 photoshoots tomorrow!! So lots of stuff with StyleTag and Kenneth Cole coming up ☺ No time to just sit down and relax… Even though that is all I want to do. Ok so on the second […]

Charlotte Ronson

September in NYC at the NYFW SS15 Charlotte Ronson presentation   Well if you read my last post I talked a little bit about my good luck at Fashion Week last season, getting invited to some shows on the last days. So to continue my tradition of good fortune… I entered in a small contest […]

NYFW SS15 Look of the Day 1

September in NYC at NYFW DAY 1 Wahoo day 1 of NYFW SS15! I got to go to the Nicholas K, Desigual, and Meskita shows which was so so fun. Thank you all for having me!   Fashion week is always a special time in NYC! It’s the time to bring out your craziest outfits […]

Nicholas K

September in NYC at the Nicholas K SS15 show   WOW! What a fantastic way to kick off spring/summer NYFW! Thank you so much Nicholas K for inviting me to your show. It was truly so amazing and inspiring. Anyways, I apologize for not getting these posts up sooner but as I am sure you […]


September in NYC at the Desigual SS15 NYFW show   This show was absolute blast to watch! Not only did the audience look like they were having a blast but the models did too! The collection was covered in a variety of floral pattern dresses, jackets, skirts, and kimonos. It just made me want to […]


September in NYC at the NYFW MESKITA SS15 show   MESKITA put on a great show with a very unique ending. At the end all of the models lined up in sort of half diamond while beams shined down on them like they were about to be zapped from a UFO or something!  There was […]

Kicking off NYFW

September in NYC: Josie Natori Fashion week coverage for Bastion and Co   I am s0 excited to start sharing with y’all my second fashion week experience! I got to kick off fashion week a day early covering the Josie Natori show for BASTION &CO To tell you a little bit about BASTION &CO before covering the Josie […]

New York Fashion Week Day 7

Look of the Day — 70’s inspired This is my last post from New York Fashion Week 2014! Day 7 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week invited me to see Betsey Johnson and KaufmanFranco.   Both shows amazing in their both unique and artistic ways. Kaufmanfranco focuses more on the beauty of the woman’s figure and the elegance […]

NYFW Day 7: Betsey Johnson

“That’s Hot” Betsey Johnson always puts on a good show. Her rock n’ roll taste is always full of crazy colors and playful designs. This season she played up her designs with colored beanies, furs, and accessories. I love her unique and carefree approach to fashion design. She loves to have fun with fashion and […]

NYFW Day 6: Concept Korea

4 Designers for 1 Concept Concept Korea was first presented in February 2010. It’s a ‘global fashion project’, that the government supports in order to help publicize Korean fashion throughout the world. Kaal E. Suktae, ChoiBoko, Beyond Closet, and Big Park were the four Korean brands chosen for this season’s Main Concept Korea.   Kaal […]

New York Fashion Week: Look of the Day 6

Working With Pastels Day 6 of New York Fashion Week I was invited to go to J.Crew and ConceptKorea (check out my J.Crew post to see my pictures and shop the trend!). I wore my new “shoe pants” as Manrepeller likes to call them ;). I am literally obsessed with them. They keep me so […]

NYFW Look of the Day: Day 4

See below to SHOP THE POST Day 4 of NYFW was my first actual NYFW show! One of my very close friends and former classmate from UT, Bang Nguyen now works in the production department at Yigal Azrouel. He was so sweet to invite my friend Samantha Mitchell and me to the show! I absolutely […]

NYFW DAY 4: Yigal Azrouel Fashion Show

Check out Yigal Azrouel’s FW line on and be sure to check out some of my favorite pieces from last collection!>>> The Jersey Fishnet dress, The Reptile Moto Jacket, the Sheath Dress, the Crepe dress, and the sleeveless Moto jacket One of my very close friends and former classmate from UT now works in […]

New York Fashion Week Look of the Day 3

Russia Inspired at New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 DAY 3 OUTFIT OF THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE! I’m wearing mostly all vintage except for the black and white Zara crop top and Zana Bayne harness (which has quickly become one of my closet staples). I first was wearing the green mink scarf around my […]

My Favorite NYFW Street Style Looks: Day 3

New York fashion week Day 3 was another success! I can’t get over all of this FUR!!! FUR IS LITERALLY MY FAVORITE THING EVER.. So sue me but all these fur coats have me going crazy; the sequins too. I have been seeing sequins mixed with wool, denim, and fur which I absolutely love. My […]

New York Fashion Week Day 2 — 2014

Finally Day 2 of New York Fashion week!! So I learned my lesson to dress warmly with comfortable shoes to go out and take my pictures. I decided, even though I was just another one of the photographers, I really wanted to wear something that would stand out. So I wore crazy patterns and my […]

My Fav NYFW Street Style Looks: Day 2

Day 2 of Fashion Week was another amazing day. I got to see most of all my favorite fashion bloggers and stylists ever! Some big bloggers were Leandra Medine of Man Repeller, Chiara Ferragni of the Blonde Salad, Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast, Aimee Song of Style, Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What, Kelly Framel […]

NYFW Day 1

Dior Perfume and LVMH Champagne with Town and Country Magazine So to continue on my Day 1 of my NYFW experience… Later that afternoon I got the pleasure of attending the celebration  of Dior’s new couture fragrances and of LVMH champagne with Town and Country Magazine.  The new line of fragrances by Dior is called […]

My Favorite NYFW Street Style looks: DAY 1

Well, I usually chose not to write in my posts but I have to write about my experience at my first NYFW. I just moved to New York about two weeks ago and it has been the most amazing experience ever. I arrived just in time for fashion week but unfortunately I did not register […]

New York Fashion Week Day 1 — 2014

Well, I usually chose not to write in my posts but I have to tell you about my first NYFW experience so I am going to start writing from here on out. I just moved to New York about two weeks ago and it has been the most amazing experience ever. I arrived just in […]