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citizenM— The Latest and Greatest on Bowery

The new citizenM hotel is opening on the oldest street in NYC– Bowery! citizenM’s goal is to create affordable luxury for the people. The traveler who appreciates design, location, and comfort. citizenM aims to pay tribute to the citizens of the Bowery. “The butcher, the barista, the tattoo artists, the volunteer, the dog walker… For the Bowery opening, citizenM wants to shed light on the people who live there.” So every window of the hotel has an image of the faces of the people that make the Bowery what it is. Sort of like a massive homage or gallery of the people looking over the neighborhood. I absolutely love this idea because I for one LOVE to travel and am always looking for new places to stay with comfy beds and the best locations. I love hotels that have a meaning behind them and this one is especially important because it represents MY neighborhood here in NYC! I live on Bowery/3rd ave and its so cool to have such a special building dedicated to it. I have loved living on Bowery for the past two years and this hotel really embodies every character that makes Bowery what it is.

One of these stores/people that really contributes to the Bowery, for me personally, is Kym Canter the founder of The House of Fluff. Her portrait is one of those on the windows of the citizenM, she started a vegan fashion brand and opened a pop-up shop created from upcycled electronic waste and car parts right near the corner of Great Jones and Bowery. I love that her product and entire brand center around protecting the earth and being high fashion at the same time. I love wearing fun outrageous faux furs and can relate with her on the fashion level. She is such an inspiration and she truly does exude the originality of the Bowery neighborhood. You can read more about her here. The portraits are only up for the next four weeks so if you can be sure to stop by the corner of Bowery and Delancey to check it out!

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