citizenM MoSa

citizenM Mosa
Y’all remember my other blog post talking about the citizenM hotel? Well
I am so excited show y’all the inside now! And it is absolutely amazing.
citizenM collaborated with New York based art collective 5Pointz and
created MoSa (Museum of Street Art), a site-specific installation in
citizenM hotel Bowery. Literally the citizenM living room/bar is LIVING
ROOM GOALS (you can see it pictured below). I absolutely LOVE the
way they decorated it. This hotel is only a 15 minute walk from my place
so I will definitely be doing some work from their living room on days that
I just need to work from my computer. There are very few hotels that I
feel completely at home at, and I love it so much there that I want the
5Pointz to come in and decorate my entire apartment. Using this link,
you can visit the MoSA website, and you can sign-up for the 5Pointz art
tour or find any additional information on the art! I love the eclectic and
colorful vibes of all the artwork, it’s so inspiring! I included some pictures
of my favorite artwork pieces below as well for y’all to see! I can’t wait to
show y’all more when I book my staycation there when I get back from
my trips.

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Thank you citizenM for contributing to this post!