LatinX Designer Guide for the Holidays

Hey Babes,
Thank you so much for being a homie. I love ya’ll so SO much and I want to give you all the inside scoop on the Latinx brands and designers to look out for this Holiday Season. There is so much cool shit going on over in Latin America and Mexico, it’s crazy. We are sleeping on Latin America when it comes to fashion. I have connected with so many amazing, kind and talented people in the last few months. I wangt to do my very best to give them the spot light they need and deserve. So on that note, thanks for being here and helping me to just that! I am always here for any questions via IG and dont forget to tag me i you’re wearing any goodies you buy! I would love to see y’all supporting the Latinx community!! Happy shopping! Download the PDF or continue reasing below!

Fabrica Social: This is where I got THE pants. You know the ones. Fabrica Social’s colorful, one of a kind, vacation vibes are hard to find anywhere else. Not only do they have a beautiful and unique collection but they are an ethical brand you can feel confident shopping with. Everything is made by hand by incredible women. They consider themselves a Mexican social company dedicated to the promoting and spreading knowledge about the techniques and craft of indigenous artisans. They have been collaborating with local indigneous women in the development and production of stunning handmade clothing and textiles. Fabrica Social provides these indigenous artisans with the design tools, organization, administration and marketing strategy needed to produce a profit and grow their customer base. 100% of the profits go back to the artisans themselves, providing opportunity and income to so many women. Isn’t that incredible?? They have an amazing message and are working extremely hard to promote fair trade and equal opportunity.

I want to give you all the inside scoop on the Latinx brands  to look out for this Holiday Season.

Napoleón: Napoleón is ahead of its time, as far as the Mexico City fashion world is concerned. I cannot believe they haven’t completely blown up yet, though they are well on their way. As of the pandemic, Napoleón is 100% Mexican made, designed and manufactured. If you remember my trip to CDMX in July, this was the brand I did a takeover for. Damn, I was impressed. The quality is unreal. The fabrics and make of each piece are beautiful. The colors are so rich, fun, and everything is so original. You don’t come across that very often anymore. The best part and the mission behind the brand is that they are creating luxury for everyday basics. And they have done it so well. Sustainable and made to last, everything can be worn so many different ways- dressed up or down. I left with the cutest silk wrap dress. They are also leaning into denim and are looking to expand that category. I will be keeping a close eye on that. The store is located in Roma Norta and is a collaborative space featuring 3 or 4 other designers who are also killer.

Mezcalero: Mezcalero is one of my new favorite brands for cowboy boots. They have a ton of different styles, heights, colors, designs. It’s everything you need when looking for a solid boot but you want something a little more unique. Not to mention they are great quality for a reasonable price. I got these epic black and neon green cowboy booties with, wait for it, FRINGE! They are insane. I am absolutely loving that cowboy boots are trendy right now, hop on that train hunnies!!

Sarelly Sarelly: This is a very cool up-and-coming Mexican brand. We were invited to visit their manufacturing warehouse and were blown away. They are working on some FUN designs and we got to see their amazing quality first hand. What really takes he cake though, are the people behind the brand. When you purchase something from Sarelly Sarelly, you know it was made with care by good people. The owner Anna Sarelly wanted to create something unisex (which I think is freaking awesome) that was fashionable for formal situations and everyday use. They are made to last and resistant to everyday wear and tear. And the best part is they are a completely transparent brand, all the materials and textiles that they use are eco-friendly and obtained in a sustainable way. They believe that you have the right to know everything about the product you are buying, where it comes from, what it is made of, as well as the reason for its price. Their mission is to use only Mexican materials, textiles, suppliers and artisans, but in cases where they did not find a material locally, they have made it known they had to use international suppliers.

Revolver Vintage: One of my favorite stops on my last trip to Mexico City. They have a very well curated selection, which I really appreciate when I’m going vintage shopping. Everything was also at a great price. The collection ranged from t-shirts, jackets, jeans, purses, boots, the list goes on. I mean, everything they had was pretty epic. Chloie and I both walked out with a pile of goodies. The store was also so cute and just fun to walk around in. They are just one of the vintage brands featured in the Roma Sur location, you are guaranteed to find a winner here.

Fortuna: I discovered Fortuna in a little boutique when I was walking around San Angel. They are a large part of the reason my hat collection doubled while I was in Mexico this summer. All their hats are classic but they have unique colors and really funky band designs. AND they have matching bags…as if I don’t have enough bags either…But they are perfect for the beach or running around with my camera.

De La Gala: Mexican born and raised, Javier De Le Gala is a new designer and artist on the scene. And we LOVE him. Javier invited us to his new showroom in Roma Sur and we fell in love with his work and Javier himself. He is such a sweet and creative soul. His designs are unique and thoughtfully designed. There are only a limited number of each design being made, so snatch one up while you can. I see big things coming for the De La Gala brand.

Eva + Avo is a brand that stands out as a wonderful Latin-owned business for holiday gifts, particularly for those who value natural hair care. Rooted in the beauty secrets passed down from mothers and grandmothers and nourished by Latin traditions, Eva + Avo specializes in hair care products made from natural ingredients like avocado and rosemary oil. These ingredients are not only free from sulfates and parabens but also beneficial for colored hair, embodying a blend of “Latin magic and a lot of love”​​​​. This connection to cultural heritage and commitment to natural, nourishing ingredients make Eva + Avo’s products a thoughtful and meaningful gift choice for the holidays.

Sacrifice: This is a super cool street style\skater brand based in CDMX. If you’re in the market for some edgy graphic T’s this is a great place to look. Not only will you be supporting a small business but everything is super unique. In this world of fast fashion and mass production we are living in, feeling original is just the best.

Baobab: Baobab is an amazing Colombian, eco-friendly, swimwear brand you need to check out!!! They are doing the GOOD work. They are serious when it comes to helping preserve and restore our environment. They take plastic & fishing nets out of the ocean, turning it into buttery soft fabrics perfect for those long days in your swimmy. They are making no compromises. Baobab has managed to sustain a zero-waste policy while keeping colors and prints vibrant, even after hours in the sun and water. They also dry fast and run true to size, fitting snugly without digging into your skin. When they launched in 2016 they pledged to plant a tree for every piece they sold. As of 2021, the company has partnered with Corales de Paz and is working to restore the Caribbean coral reef. And the cherry on top of all that good, they have managed to create stylish, dare I say iconic suits. I discovered the brand at this boutique called Lago located in Polanco, CDMX. They had this purple suit with a cape, enough said. You should definitely visit their website to learn more and shop shop shop because they are doing some really incredible work. This is the direction fashion needs to be going in, so let’s support it! When you shop Boabab you are supporting a sustainable, Latinx women owned small business, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Daniela Bustos Maya: This is the designer of the iconic woven rope fringe poncho (featured in the header photo on this guide) I bought this summer. She is an Argentine designer based in Mexico and is creating sustainable jewelry and clothing. Her work is extremely unique and beautifully crafted. Her work is truly one of a kind. I will have my piece in my closet forever and you know I will be back for more. I have bumped into her designs all over mexico. I originally discovered her in BLANK but also saw it in the Lago boutique in Polanco and her flagship store is CASA T’HO.

Camila Coelho Collection: Camilla is a doll and one of the OG bloggers. She is building her empire and doing it with style. The Camilla Coelho collection is available on their website and is also sold on Revolve. It’s a very Revolve brand if you know their vibe. Her stuff is girly, fun and always makes me feel like a hot mama. Plus it’s all so cute and very on trend.

Suki Cohen: A super special brand with a very unique eye for swimwear. They have unusual designs and some really beautiful cuts. If you remember the patreon episode with Chloie in CDMX, this is the brand that makes the insane purple one piece with the cape, (Yes, a CAPE). They are also venturing into lingerie and clothing but those collections are very small at the moment. They are based out of Colombia and ship internationally!

Sandra Weil: A designer we discovered roaming around Polanco. I would say it’s an elevated anthropologie vibe. It is a sophisticated feminine energy. Lots of tulle, floral, fun and girly details on top of elegant design. They had amazing formal wear and fun beachy things. Everything was a very refreshing and unique vibe compared to some of the other more modern or more traditional latin styles we had been seeing. Nonetheless each piece was created with extreme detail and the highest level of quality down to the very last stitch. Definitely investment pieces, would be a great spot to look for a black tie event.

KERE: This is a brand I love and wear constantly when I’m on the beach. Go on a shopping spree here and you will have the neutral vacation closet of your dreams. They consider themselves the pioneers of the Baja Style and they pride themselves on being Mexican based, producing designs inspired by Mexican culture. Shop them on your next trip to Mexico, they have stores in Todos Santos and San Jose Del Cabo.

JR KIYO: Another amazing, ahead of its time, brand I discovered at Ikal Boutique in Polanco! They create all there gender neutral pieces by hand!

Alin Jotar: Ok this brand is insane.They are women’s wear made to last and that is no joke. It’s all leather, exquisitely handcrafted, exquisite!! Bold, rich color and a mix of classic and edgy cuts. The leather is melt-in-your-mouth buttery soft. These pieces are investments you’ll have in your closet forever. Based in CDMX and we discovered it at Ikal Boutique.

Heart of Darkness: Yet again another cool brand we found at Ikal Boutique. I tried on this sick pleated mesh sleeveless turtleneck top… I mean can you picture it?? It was amazing. They have a small collection but everything is a staple with a unique modern heart of darkness flare. Their work is equally as
badass and bold as their name.

Pau Roman: Socially responsible and environmentally concious swimwear brand, that prides itself in keeping it small. Small manufacturing locally sourced and inspired by the yucatan environment it is created in. They pride themselves on their perfect fit and the versatility each suit offers. And you can
shop with them guilt free!

Carla Fernandez: This is a brand dedicated to persevering and revitalizing the textile legacy of the indigieous communities of Mexico and they do it so well. We first discovered their handbags when visiting Lago Boutique in Polanco and fell in love with the inspired craftsmanship. Each piece is more a work of art than anything else. They have designs you just can’t find anywhere else.

Vattea: Bold yet understated jewelry and accessories brand. Everything feels inspired by history and the Colombian culture in which it was designed but has been revised for modern day fashion. We found this brand at Lago Boutique and I fell in love with this pair of drop coin earrings. You can’t just find this shit on amazon people…..!!!

Cruda: This brand is selling an upcycled limited edition collection. They support artisans and practice responsible production. They are CDMX based but Costa Rican designed. An all around epic brand with unique design you just can’t find in the fast fashion world. It’s chunky, wood, leather, strappy sandals,
boots, all the good things.

I hope y’all found this helpful and I cannot wait to see all your funky new fits so so soon. I appreciate y’all being here and supporting me more than you know. There is alot more to share and I going to keep all the good information coming your way so stick around.
Anything you want to see from me next? Let me know! I love and need y’alls feeback. Do not hesitate to reach out or ask questions. I see you honey and I want to chat!