Halloween 2017!

As y’all know I LOVE Halloween. Ever since I was little I loved dressing up like different Disney characters or I mean… different American Girl Dolls haha. I honestly don’t know why but I think it’s fun to dress up differently for a night! I also think I may have been an actress in my past life or something.

Anyways… This year I was Ginger Spice, Jessica Rabbit, and Marilyn Monroe as you can see pictured below.

    1. Ginger Spice- I LOVED the Spice Girls. To be honest Posh was my favorite but I think I have developed to be more like Ginger Spice. Plus I love to wear wigs so I thought it would be fun to be a redhead! Plus… I already owned these boots from Public Desire. They are super Balenciaga-ish and I wear them IRL too haha. Anyways, had the best time with @colormecourtney @mimosasmanhattan, and @krystal_bick!!! #GirlGang
    2. Jessica Rabbit– Well… Where do I even start. I think Jessica is my alter ego. I created a youtube tutorial of my make up that you can watch here and shop all the products I used at the bottom of this post. Also in case you’re wondering about the clothes… I wore a corset from Orchard Corsets, one of those sticky bras that lace up at the front, and Spanx tights, and a cheap $50 red sequin dress from a halloween store here in NYC on Broadway and 11th street. My BFF Elena had to help sew me into it and then we tied a tie around my waist haha. I have linked all similar products at the end of this post too! This was my far my most favorite halloween costume! All I was missing was my Roger Rabbit… Wonder where he was?
  1. Marilyn Monroe– Truthfully, I thought this idea was a little overdone at first but then I thought… I am going to do it better than anyone I have ever seen. Is that a little cocky to say? Well I just figured I was gonna take it to a whole other level and so can you! Everyone does the typical white dress Marilyn but try being a different version. Rent the Runway HOOKED ME UP with the most amazing dress by Halston, clutch and earrings. So if you are ever planning to be Marilyn or any glam inspired look definitely make Rent the Runway your first stop! They literally have everything to wear. I worked with @dontsayneil (stylist at @renttherunway) to find the perfect outfit. I did a makeup technique similar to that of Jessica Rabbit but used gold and silver tone shadows, thinner/blonder eyebrows, and less dramatic eyelashes.. And of course added a mole haha. I went out to Heidi Klum’s annual #HeidiHalloween party with Wander Beauty and had the most amazing evening ever. PS check out my pic with Heidi below lol. Also… I met Dylan Sprouse which was a highlight for sure.
  2. HOW TO MAKE WIGS LOOK REAL- Two words… Root Cover-up! I used my European Wax eyebrow powder duo to start at the roots and then sprayed the hair part of the wig with Rita Hazan root cover up. Then once the wig is on blend further with a blending brush and eyebrow powder into your hairline.

Hope yall enjoyed my #LexiconofHALLOWEEN 2017! What should I plan for next year??? Leave your thoughts below!



attends Heidi Klum’s 18th annual Halloween Party presented by Party City at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge on October 31, 2017 in New York City.


Thank Public Desire, Wander Beauty, Rent The Runway for contributing to these looks!