Liberate Your Space

Ever wonder why I never really give y’all a glimpse of my NYC apartment?! Well it’s because I have a confession… I AM A HOARDER!!! Ok not like to the extreme like on TV but really I am. It also doesn’t help that I am a little bit unorganized. Ok… really unorganized but everything has changed since Natalie of @liberateyourspace came into my apartment and cleaned the whole thing out!!! I am talking, 2 full days of going through 3 years of crap and purging things I do not need, things I could donate, and items to reorganize. She gave my apartment a complete and total makeover. 

Just to give you some background, I have been living in the East Village for 3 years (NYC for 5 years total)and I have obviously accumulated a lot over the years. But it had become so intense that it was legit keeping me from getting out of bed. I would wake up and look at my room and literally feel like the walls were closing in on me because my room was so cluttered. My living room/office wasn’t even any better! My entire apartment had become an area to store boxes, products, and so much more. This completely was disrupting my mental health and work environment. It literally made it impossible to sleep, work, or breath in my apartment!!!

When I was finally about to reach my breaking point, Natalie and I found each other over IG. I couldn’t have been more thankful for Natalie because not only did she clear out my apartment but she also created the headspace in my mind that I so desperately needed! 

You might be wondering why I just didn’t do it myself but there’s something different about tackling such a big task with a Professional Organizer. Like someone to ask their unbiased opinion, to push you further when you’re exhausted and just want to stop, to keep you in check and focused on the goal… someone to chat with! 

Natalie and I spent 2 (very long) days together working on my apartment and I can truly consider her a friend now! Not only is she hardworking and organized, but she is also the SWEETEST and coolest girl around. It didn’t even feel like extreme work… it honestly felt like I was hanging out with a friend. That’s Natalie’s Magic! 

So I could obviously go on about how incredible Natalie is for forever but I also wanted to give y’all some friendly tips from the professional herself to keep your apartment tidy and organized. They are helpful tips that even I can keep up with!

(PS we are working on an extreme video showing y’all before, after, and the process we went through to make this all happen! So stay tuned!!!) Until then you can watch my instagram highlight here


  1. Keep the “Be Brutal” mentality! Try to remember that your sanity and feeling of calm at home is more important than keeping things around ‘just in case’.
  2. Donate and sell to Crossroads! They donate anything they don’t sell to great charities! Plus they also take consignment pieces.
  3. When you add something to your closet, have a look through for something that you can toss out or donate!
  4. — USE MATCHING HANGERS! We went with the all black velvet hangers. It makes more space in your closet, makes it look more aesthetically appealing, and when they match, the move and feel the same, so it changes both the physical and visual experience of getting dressed!
  5. When choosing what to wear in your closet, take the hanger out and make a designated spot where you put the empty hangers. So when you go back to hang your clothes back up, you are reusing the same hangers and can find them easily! 
  6. Label makers are your best friend!!! I never thought I would become a label maker user but it has saved my life in my drawers! Once you label an area, it’s a constant reminder of what is SUPPOSED to live there. You can’t forget it now 🙂 
  7. When in doubt, use vertical space. We used every inch of my closet from top to bottom, for storage space; upper shelves for purses and bags, stackable shoe racks on the floor and over-the-door shoe holder on both doors. Don’t lose out on any piece of space, no matter how small it may be! 

I can’t wait to deep dive further into this transformation with y’all over on my Youtube channel! I have managed to keep my apartment clutter free and completely organized,  all thanks to Natalie Ron!

Do you live in NYC or Los Angeles (yes, she has a team in LA too!)?! 


Hit up Natalie here @liberateyourspace and here [email protected] to let her come in and change your life! No challenge is too big or small for her. You’ll be in good hands 😉 

Let us know if you have any other questions!!