Summer skin AND hair are the freaking best but just because we can usually get away with less makeup doesn’t mean you should loosen up on your skincare routine! I have rounded up what I am using to keep my hair and skin healthy and tanned! I have linked a variety of brands from high to low but my favorite affordable brand recently has been Versed Skin! My go to is always Wander Beauty, and my splurge recently has been Dr Jart and Drunk Elephant. Have a look below and here are just a few notes to consider…

– When washing your face be sure you start with an oil based cleanser/balm and then follow with a water based cleanser

– add ESSENCE into your skincare routine after your toner

-Use your retinol before your serum at night and always start at your chest and move up

-Use your eye cream all around your eye… above and on the eyelid! I sometimes use the remainder around my lips at night– especially if it’s anti-aging. 

-Be gentle with your gua sha and dry brushing! Be sure you are moisturized with some face and body oil before you use gua sha and a dry brush. Both are used to improve blood flow amongst many other benefits if used properly. 

-I use hair oils to fix frizz, split ends and fly aways rather than heavy product! It works every time.



@gloryskincare : your one stop shop for everything skincare

@briogeo  : hair care is one of my fav brands! Also have amazing travel sets

@ouithepeople : introducing your sexy sustainable razors

@kncbeauty : the cutest/kitchiest collagen masks clean and ethical beauty has serums for everything you could possibly need

@blackgirlsunscreen sunscreen

@golde superfood facemasks and they also have more amazing wellness drinks


Maintain normal skincare regimen! I have been using Dr. Jart, Wander Beauty, Drunk Elephant, Smacne, Glow Recipe, Versed, Fresh, and Farmacy during my time in quarantine to keep my pores clean and skin hydrated! Be sure you use an oil based balm/cleanser first and formost when cleaning your face. I like to change up my eye creams from an energy/depuffing eye cream for the day to a retinol eye cream for the night. Find the specific products I have been using here below!

Face/neck… Well this goes with out saying haha. Be sure to use your serums and SPF!

Masks… Be sure you are also using hydrating sleep masks because our skin can get very dry in the summer heat!

Eyes… Be sure to use energy/depuff during the day and retinol/antiaging at night!

Lips… Because we cant have those drying out in the heat!

Lashes… Because who wants to be wearing drippy mascara during the summer!

Tools… Using these gently! Not too much pressure or you can bruise.

Face Tanning products that I am absolutely loving!! My favorite thing to do instead of makeup is mixing in my Dr. Jart Correcting Treatment Cream with my Drunk Elephant Bronzing drops to create an even toned face.


Face Sunscreen


Body Sunscreen






My favorite instant body tan trick is to mix Jergens firming lotion with Sunbum’s Bronzing lotion for instant color and glow!



Bikini line

Billie Razors and Oiu The People





I love using Colorwow dreamcoat to add the perfect shine to my hair but it must be treated with heat to activate/work! Also, I use their root coverup to fill in my hairline to give the appearance of thicker hair.