The Hat Guide

Here are a few of my favorites but find the ULTIMATE guide here!

Fortuna: I discovered Fortuna in a little boutique when I was walking around San Angel. They are a large part of the reason my hat collection doubled while I was in Mexico this summer. All their hats are that classic wide brim hard felt but they have unique colors and really funky band designs. AND they have matching bags…as if I don’t have enough bags either…But they are perfect for the beach or running around with my camera. They are also extremely sweet people and lovely to work with, which I always feel is worth noting. 

Gigi Pip: First off their slogan is “for the woman who wears many hats”, which I think is super sweet and adorable. Also it’s a great description of their brand. They have a lot to offer. Gigi Pip has a variety of styles in neutral, sleek, yet feminie colors and designs. They have a few really cute soft blues and pinks too. Overall, they keep it pretty simple but they are really good at what they do. Great quality and an all around great brand.

KERE: This is a brand I discovered in Mexico and love! I wear their flowy beach wear constantly and am obsessed with the hat I got here. They consider themselves the pioneers of the Baja Style and they pride themselves on being Mexican based, producing designs inspired by Mexican culture. Shop them on your next trip to Mexico, they have stores in Todos Santos and San Jose Del Cabo. And everything is made by hand!! Insane.

Covet Hats: This is an Austin based brand so you know I am OBSESSED. All her hats are made by hand and what really sets her apart is her unique band designs. She definitely has a Texas flare and uses amazing materials and beautiful feathers. Her hats are one of a kind.

Adidas: If you follow me even kind of closely you know I live in my black and white Adidas baseball cap. Like I LIVE in it. She’s an easy choice when I’m hungover or feeling greasy. Just a reliable brand all around so it’s not surprising they make good hats. Beanie, baseball, bucket are what I would look for here. And they have a dope variety right now. I especially love this bucket hat for winter!

Lulu Handmade Knits: This little cutie gifted me her handmade fendi bucket hat hack and I’m OBSESSED. I wear it constantly and it’s perfect for the beach and gives any outfit a fun pop. She not only does hats but dresses, vests, sweaters… all things knit! She’s a total sweetheart and we love to support small! 

For an extended more detailed version you can buy my “Ultimate Hat Guide” for $$$ on my website linked here!