The One In Oakland

The One In Oakland

The One in Oakland

So, as I plan all of my 2020 travels and depart for Asia on January 9… I wanted to recount my time in Oakland! I have been to many places in the US this year (LA, Vegas, Scottsdale, New Orleans, Salem, Miami, etc) and as much as I loved those trips, Oakland really stood out to me! It was somewhere I had never been before and I truly didn’t know what to expect. I highly suggest making a fun girls trip out of visiting Oakland because there is so much culture, activities, and great drinking spots all around the city! Even if you live in San Francisco, make a day trip to visit Oakland! So we’re going to cover things to do and places to drink in Oakland below…

 Best Places to Eat and Drink

  • Roses Taproom– The absolute cutest and most instagrammable spot for a drink! I love a good sour beer and they had such a great variety of beers. Did I mention… IT IS ALL PINK! I mean talk about adorbs. 
  • Portal – Such a cool vibey place to get a drink with a great view of the water. And they really know how to turn up! Plus, get the French dip situation. I still dream about it!
  • Mad Oak – Alright, this is the place you go to after the breweries. It is SO freakin fun but definitely more of your late-night bar. We went twice because we had so much fun there haha. 
  • Temescal Brewing– Another super vibey (and pink) adorable place for a good beer. They have a HUGE outdoor patio that is a great spot for big parties! Haha I don’t think I have ever drunk as much beer as I did in Oakland… They had the best breweries! 
  • Mama Oakland– Of course the first thing that comes into my mind when I say this restaurant is, “MAMAAAAAA OHHHH-ohhhhh” (Freddie voice lol) but in all seriousness, this is your wine and dine spot. Yall know how much I love a good red and pasta and when I say we all three demolished our dishes, we literally were licking out plates. I had the spicy tomato pasta and it was absolutely to die for. 


Experiences and Culture

  • 90’s experience museum– Well if you got this on IG you saw that @courtandkelly, and I played a fun 90’s trivia games and I finally got my ORANGE COUCH PHOTO OP FROM FRIENDS! Yes, yes I did die and that was heaven lol.
  • Airbnb Experience Made 2 Gather cooking class– This was a really great cultural experience learning all about vegan cooking and the LGBTQ+ community in Oakland. You def don’t feel guilty about all the food you eat because it all so organic, fresh, and healthy. I hope I made Antoni proud with my towel over my shoulder.
  • Airbnb Experiences Body Balancer Kayaking adventure- Wow, let me tell you. I did not expect to kayak in Oakland but it was so serene and cool to see the floating houses in the port! I def suggest going early in the morning for calm waters. 
  • Comedy Show at Starline Social Club– I dont know about you but I LOVE a good comedy show!!! This was a great way to spend an evening after pasta at Mama’s.
  • Aribnb Experiences Oakland city tour with Street Salad CO– WOW! I knew Oakland had a lot of culture but seeing it through a local’s eyes was so beautiful. There is so much artwork and historical monuments to see. Street Salad CO was a fantastic tour guide! Plus she does a fun postcard scavenger hunt that makes the tour super interactive. 
  • Airbnb Experiences Taco Tour with Danny of @TacoTourOakland– Well, yall know how much of a foodie I am, and I freaking LOVE tacos so this was such a fun evening. Plus Danny probably things we cray but we all had the best time!!! I couldn’t walk because I was so full by the last taco stand but it was 110% worth it. Hands down some of the best tacos ever!

You can find my entire trip here on my OAKLAND HIGHLIGHTS ON INSTAGRAM!

Thank you again OAKLAND for having us and can’t wait to come visit again soon. 



walking to Roses Taproom

Let’s do this Portal!

90’s experience!

Best time playing 90’s trivia with @courtandkelly

Rose’s Taproom

French Dip at Portal

Learning all about the culture of Oakland with Street Salad CO

Postcard Scavenger hunt with Street Salad co

loving all the beers at Rose’s Taproom

Bring out the kegs in my dress at Mad Oak

@courtandkelly making me giggle at Rose’s Taproom

The crew at Rose’s

Kayaking in the Oakland port

Kayaking with @bodybalancer and Airbnb Experiences

My most epic moment taking the photo on the FRIENDS couch at the 90’s Experience pop up

This decor tho @ Rose’s Taproom

Thank you Oakland for having us and the Marriott for the lovely stay!