The 2013 University of Texas Transcend Fashion Show

Jumpers are made with a cotton spandex, 94% cotton and 6% spandex. All have lace panels made of 60% cotton and 40% nylon with a 10% horizontal machine stretch. The lace and cotton jersey are sewn together to create the jumper. Each seam is finished with a serged edge and each jumper has snap tape for closure. The pant style is made with an enclosed elastic waistband.

The tutu skirt is made from the nylon champagne tulle and layers of the white metallic net mesh. To create the skirt, cut many layers of circles with the tulle and mesh. Then fold the fabric three times into a right triangle. Cut a smaller half circle at the bottom, 13 inches away from top semicircle. Baste stitch the layers together and sew layers into the elastic waistband with half inch allowance above the waistband. Pull on the elastic while sewing to create gathered fullness. Glowby hair clips are placed in the middle of all the layers, clipped near the elastic waistband.

  • Sizes: 0-6
  • Skirts are made of Polyester Tulle and Iridescent Netting
  • Jumpers are made of Cotton Spandex Jersey and Cotton Nylon Lace
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