Wanderlust: (n) A great desire to travel and rove about.

My dream is to one day travel the world. I live by the motto “Eat Well, Travel Often.” I believe life is too short not to take chances and too short to imprison yourself to one place. When I was designing this dress, I was inspired by different elements that symbolize my passion for traveling.

The cut out pieces on the top are representative of the earth’s continents, much like the world map. I chose this specific crushed blue fabric to symbolize the water I see from the airplane as I travel overseas…continent to continent. I love looking down into the ocean and wondering about the life below that we know so little about.

This outfit is designed to make a woman feel adventurous, glamorous and risky. The sophisticated structure with the subtle hints of skin, makes this dress the perfect combination of classy and edgy — sort of like jetsetter meets world traveler.