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  • New! The Corona Scarf

    From: $35.00

    The Corona Scarf is inspired by a place very dear to me because my family is from there, Mexico. Its most directly inspired by the Dia de los Muertos (hence the skulls) but I wanted to create the white with the bright colors like the skull face paint from the Day of the Dead.

  • New! The Olympia Scarf

    From: $35.00

    The Olympia Scarf is inspired by the beautiful islands of Greece and the Mediterranean Sea. Several years ago I visited Santorini, Crete, and Athens. I fell in love with the blue waters and white architecture. I names the scarf Olympia primarily after the highest peak in Greece, Mount Olympus and after the Twelve Olympains from Greek Mythology.

  • New! The Matador Scarf

    From: $35.00

    The Matador Scarf is inspired by designers Dolce and Gabbana and Spain. I have visited Spain many times and love the culture. This design is named Matador after the cultural sport of bull fighting.

  • NEW! The Eiffel Scarf

    From: $35.00

    The Eiffel Scarf is inspired by the geometric shape of the Eiffel Tower. I love everything about Paris – the classy style, the history, the fashion. This scarf was inspired by all of those wonderful things!

  • NEW! The Glade Scarf

    From: $35.00

    When I was sixteen years old I was able to travel to Switzerland and explore the beautiful swiss alps. The coolest part of my trip was an adventure in the middle of the mountains. We were dropped at the top and had to find our way down strictly with clues that had been placed in…

  • NEW! The Poppy Scarf

    From: $35.00

    When traveling around Australia [read more here] this summer I made it a goal of mine to take in every single detail. Visiting Melbourne was the highlight of my trip. The city was full of fashion and color, inspiring me with every turn I took. This city was like a dream to me – full…

  • NEW! The Rider Scarf

    From: $35.00

    The Rider scarf is all Texas inspired. I was inspired to design this scarf due to my appreciation for my childhood in Texas. Growing up, I was able to enjoy spending time with the best of friends at their ranches riding horses. The vintage horses printed on this scarf, along with the bandana print, communicate…

  • NEW! The Tiki Scarf

    From: $35.00

    My trips to Hawaii have influenced me greatly – the people, the culture, I love it all! I thought there would be no better way to tie in my appreciations for Hawaii than in the end of my 2015-2016 collection. Within the scarf design, you can see a tiki man face and bright colors. There…

  • The Empire State Scarf

    From: $36.00

    The Empire State Scarf is inspired by the black and white dress code of NYC and the architecture of the skyline and skyscrapers. Looks sort of like a Concrete Jungle doesn’t it?

  • The Rosé Scarf

    From: $36.00

    The Rosé scarf is inspired by the spring time brunching, sipping on Rosé, and cherry blossoms here in New York City!